The Florida Whammy Entertainment team is compromised of 4 separate, yet equally important divisions. The Development Division lead by Jonathan Nielsen, the Operations Division lead by Jason Hoover, and both our 3rd Division, the Administrative Division and our 4th Division, the Florida Whammy Board of Directors, are both lead by/chaired by Bryan Espinoza.

You can click on each division to find out more about that division and its members.

Florida Whammy Entertainment
Development Division

Jon’s role is to make sure the show actually makes it on the air. What that means is that he’s responsible for making sure that if a show is scheduled, that the show actually happens. Jon oversees the entire Development Division, assisting and directing Development Division members with various tasks. Jon also is primarily responsible for the development of code, whether through the Software Development Unit, Software Development Task Force, outside sources, or by himself. He also makes sure that the stage and studio are ready to go for a show before showtime hits. He works very closely with the Executive Producer to plan taping schedules for conventions and to help implement designs and other things that the Operations Division might need.

Florida Whammy Entertainment
Operations Division

Jason’s role is to oversee all operations functions of the organization. Jason oversees the entire Operations Division, assisting and directing Operation Division members with various tasks. Jason oversees the maintenance of our social media outlets, plans out, develops, and produces FWE’s shows, prepares and inventories FWE equipment and makes sure it’s in working condition for conventions, and pre-convention operations for the team. In short, he’s responsible for both internal maintenance and operations. Jason’s job very heavily deals with the internal affairs of the organization and it’s health.

Florida Whammy Entertainment
Administrative Division

Bryan’s role is to oversee all administrative and legal functions of the organization along with managing day-to-day operations. Bryan oversees the entire Administrative Division, assisting and directing both Operations and Development Division members with various tasks. Bryan answers e-mails, deals with internal member issues, and helps with communications both inbound and outbound when necessary. Most importantly, Bryan does convention/event outreach and deals with negotiating and securing events and conventions for the organization. Bryan’s job very heavily deals with the external affairs of the organization and it’s health.

Florida Whammy Entertainment
Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a group of up to 7 individuals who are legally empowered by the company’s Articles of Incorporation and FWE’s Constitution to guide and set policies and set the direction in which the organization conducts business and what the organization decides to do and not do. Bryan Espinoza is currently the Chairman of the Board, and the board consists of up to 6 more members who each have assigned responsibilities and duties they must perform.