Florida Whammy Entertainment’s Operations Division is responsible for all the internal operations processes that occur within FWE. The Operations Division takes everything the Development Division creates and makes it magically work on stage at a convention, show, or other engagement. They’re also charged with a lot of behind the scenes duties as well.

Headed by Jason Hoover, this division is charged with Web and Social Media Maintenance, Show Development, Equipment Maintenance/Acquisition, Prize Sponsorship/Acquisition, Convention Operations and Internal Affairs.

You can meet the people of the Development Division below, and see what it is they do! Clicking their name will take you to their full biography, which among other things, tell you more about their job title.

Departmental Directory

Hoover, H. Jason — Executive Director
Division Coordinator

Espinoza, Bryan† Executive Producer
External Operations Liason

Show Operations Unit:
Wimberly, Dariel — Production Assistant

Prize Sponsorship/Acquisition Unit:
Scalzo, Timothy — 
Senior Prize Coordinator

Equipment Maintenance/Acquisition Unit:

Social Media/Web Maintenance Unit:
Mosher, Steven† — 
Executive Social Media Director



† denotes 5 year Service Award