Florida Whammy Entertainment has developed and strictly enforces a Contestant Eligibility Policy in order to ensure fair play for all convention attendees and contestants, and to ensure that convention, dealer, and corporate sponsored prizes are not inadvertently given away thru illegitimate means.

For the purposes of this document, “contestant(s)” refer to an individual that is a potential contestant for any show that Florida Whammy Entertainment performs or produces.

“Host Convention” refers to the convention at which the show is being performed.

“Taping”, “Taped”, “Airing”,  “Air” and “Aired” refer to the live performance of any FWE show.

“Airdate”, “Tape Date”, ‘VTR Date”, “DTR Date” refer to the physical calendar date which a show is performed.

“Airtime” refers to the regularly scheduled time as scheduled by the host convention as the physical time a show is scheduled to air.

“Episode(s)” refers to a single, standalone airing/production of a show.

“Program” & “Show” refer to the individual, unique, standalone shows. For Example Press Your Luck is a program. Millionaire is another program, and so on.

“Grand Prize” refers to the prize awarded to the individual who successfully wins or otherwise places first in a given program’s airing.

“Super-Prize” refers to the grand prize that is offered for shows/programs whose original format/implemented format offer a grand prize or total prize of more than “$1,000,000.”

In order to be considered eligible to be a contestant and receive prizes on any Florida Whammy Entertainment produced or presented show, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Contestants must not be familiarly related or reside within the same residence of any employee or staff member of Florida Whammy Entertainment, the host convention, or anyone directly affiliated* with the production of either the host convention or Florida Whammy Entertainment.
  • Contestants may not have been an employee or volunteer of Florida Whammy Entertainment, past or present.
  • Contestants must not have any relation or affiliation to any part of the production of the program in which he/she is attempting to be a contestant on.
  • Contestants must legal residents of the United States.
  • Not believe to have advance knowledge of game material (questions, answers, riddles, etc) that would otherwise give you an unfair advantage.
* Convention VOLUNTEERS (not designated “Staff” or “Panelist” or any other designation other than Volunteer, and incur no benefit other than free admission to the convention for volunteering to work a specified number of hours) are the only exception to this rule. At the discretion of Convention Management or FWE Directors, this exception may be revoked.

Contestants are automatically ineligible if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • Contestants that have won prizes in valuation of strictly greater than $50.00 in a single episode are disqualified from participating in any Florida Whammy Entertainment show regardless of the Host Convention for 1 year (12 calendar months, 365 sequential days) from the airdate.
  • Contestants that have won prizes of any valuation (excluding consolation prizes valued at less than $1) are disqualified from returning on any program regardless of Host Convention for a period of 6 Calendar Months (180 sequential days) from the Air Date of the program.
  • Contestants that received consolation prizes, or otherwise did not win, are ineligible as contestants for future tapings of that program at the same host convention, but are not ineligible from becoming a contestant on other programs at the same convention unless explicitly stated in specific overriding eligibility policies for that show.
  • Contestants that win a “Super-Prize” are ineligible to participate in any program or show for the duration of 18 calendar months as of the show’s airdate. An exception may apply if the producer(s) of Florida Whammy Entertainment invite what would be an otherwise ineligible contestant back to play again, however this exception will ONLY apply to the show which the original prize was won.

Please note the following:

  • If in the course of normal operations, the Producers, Directors, or Staff of Florida Whammy Entertainment believe that a contestant may not have met eligibility requirements, they have the right to disqualify a contestant for the same amount of time had they won the appropriate grand prize for that show, including “Super-Prize” shows.
  • Florida Whammy Entertainment and it’s authorized staff reserve the right to render ineligible a contestant for any length of time for any reason.
  • Host Conventions reserve the right the impose further guidelines in addition to the ones here. They further reserve the right to render a contestant or group of contestants ineligible for any individual show(s) or length of time during that convention. Ineligibility on the part of a Host Convention is only extended to that host convention, and will not affect eligibility at other host conventions unless that contestant would otherwise normally be ineligible under Florida Whammy Entertainment eligibility guidelines, and not due to the actions of a host convention.
  • Florida Whammy Entertainment reserves the right to implement additional eligibility requirements at any time or for specific shows.
  • Florida Whammy Entertainment also reserves the right to implement further restricted requirements for specific shows. Any shows that have further restricted requirements will be announced accordingly.
  • Contestants are not allowed to forego receiving a prize in order to remain eligible to compete in future shows during the same weekend or at upcoming conventions. This may be waived on an extremely rare, case-by-case basis,  however generally once you win a prize of any kind, you are automatically subject to the most applicable guidelines above.

Any grievances against this policy may be brought to the Florida Whammy Entertainment Board of Directors, who will review the case and render a decision. All contestants participating in any show agree to be bound to these conditions.

This policy is approved and active as of February 1, 2012. This policy was last revised in May 2016.