All performances of game shows by Florida Whammy Entertainment are educational fan based parodies.

While there are prizes awarded to contestants, the value of the prize does not normally meet or exceed the value of prizes won during gameplay. The actual amount of cash and or prizes is not awarded. Rarely however, a contestant does win a prize valuated won during game play.

The only possible exception to this rule would be if a contestant wins a prize which is valuated more than the amount won during gameplay. This is a rare occurrence which can happen with our “Million Dollar Format” and “Super-Prize” shows, and an announcement will be made to the audience and on our Social Media outlets immediately during or after a show has been performed.

Values of prizes awarded may be announced at the beginning of any show.

A list of exceptions will be listed on this site as they occur.

As of May 2016, no such exceptions have occurred.

If you wish to donate prizes, please click the link to learn more about Prize Contributions and sponsorships.