Florida Whammy Entertainment is more than just game shows!

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Interactive Entertainment & Educational Programming

Florida Whammy’s bread and butter comes in the form of a very diverse catalog of interactive entertainment and educational programming offerings that can be tailored to suit any convention or group’s needs! With over 40 hours of interactive entertainment ranging from high impact, high energy game shows to moderated discussion panels to educational presentations ranging from the history of video game music to the evolution of game shows in television and popular culture, Florida Whammy is capable of bringing a diverse selection of entertainment that is sure to pack panel rooms and entertain fans whether it’s for 4 hours in a weekend or 40!

Musical Entertainment

Need to spice up your musical offerings, or need a little variety in your event? Looking for a DJ and can’t find a reliable one, much less one that won’t play explicit content at your event and play what you ask? Look no further! Our COO, Jason Hoover is a professional DJ by the name of DJ Snowolf and is available to help diversify and add to the musical offerings of your event! He’s done multiple convention raves and musical events, and is highly experienced both in and out of the convention scene.

Event Consulting and Planning / Logistical Management and Coordination

With a staff that has a combined total of over 20 years of convention experience both in attendee and staff roles, Florida Whammy is pleased to offer their extensive experience in helping run events to make sure yours runs as smoothly as possible. We can help guide you in the right direction in helping you plan and maximize the most out of your event.

Staff Support

With a staff that has practical hands on experience in multiple facets of convention operations, we can augment and add additional specialized manpower to your event! Our staff have backgrounds and training in various specialties, and allow us to be able to support the roles of Technical Operations (A/V, Lighting, and Sound). Security/Crowd Control, Registration, Logistical Support, Guest Relations, and Information Support.

Equipment Rental

With how much we do, we need a lot of equipment to make sure it all gets done the way we need to, and at the highest quality standards. With this being said, we have a list of available equipment that we can rent to conventions including lighting, special effects machines, sound systems, video and audio cabling, specialized video equipment, and much, much more!

Software Development

Florida Whammy Entertainment maintains an in-house Software Development Unit that is responsible for developing all of our game show programming engines that we use. On occasion, a project that can best be solved and helped by a software engine is thrown our way, and when possible, we gladly rise to the challenge. Since the Software Development branch of our organization is limited in resources, it may not always be available and there may be projects that are simply too big for us to handle.

Florida Whammy is your one-stop shopping center for all of your convention and event planning needs! We encourage any event that has special or specific needs to contact us, as we are typically able to arrange special arrangements that may not necessarily be listed here.