Need to spice up your musical offerings, or need a little variety in your event? Looking for a DJ and can’t find a reliable one, much less one that won’t play explicit content at your event and play what you ask? Look no further! Our COO, Jason Hoover is a professional DJ by the name of DJ Snowolf and is available to help diversify and add to the musical offerings of your event! We also have multiple team members who experience in live musical production who can also act as a DJ if needed!

We also have multiple musically-based shows that we do that are lots of fun, and interactive for the entire audience!

Please note that our offerings are subject to change without notice or warning.

Some of these titles include:

  • Name That Tune
    • Name That Tune is based off of the wildly successful and popular game show of the same name. The entire audience is invited to participate, and winners receive small prizes like posters, lanyards, or other small value, bulk prizes we have available. Hosted by DJ Snowolf and a member of our On-Air Talent team, we play a short clip from the intro or outro of a reasonably well known anime or pop culture song (either Top40 or sometimes classic hits like Sandstorm or Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up) and we look for members of the audience to try and guess the song correctly for prizes.
  • Hyper Musical Chairs
    • It’s exactly as it says on the tin, or at least you’d think so. In Hyper Musical Chairs, we took something simple and mixed it up a bit. Contestants (as many as we can safely fit into a circle in the center of the room) will be instructed to walk, dance, run, skip,  or some other abnormal physical activity around the chairs in a circle! When the music stops, better grab a seat! The person left standing picks an occupied chair. Underneath the chair is a question on an index card taped to the bottom of the chair. If the person gets the question right, a random question is asked to the person in the chair. If the seated person gets the question wrong, they instead are booted out and the standing person takes their place in the seat. If the standing person gets the question taped to the chair wrong, they are gone! As a consolation prize, there is a track number on the attached index card that will be the next song played during the next rotation! Everyone gets a prize for playing, and the prizes get better the longer you survive!
  • The Whammy Bar Jam Session
    • Come rock out with your friends and make some new ones with FWE’s own Whammy Bar Jam Session! We’ve got all the Classic and new Rock Band and Guitar Hero games, and we’ve got guitars, microphones, and even a piano keytar as well, so come down, unwind, and have a jam! We’ll be taking requests for the entire session based off of our available tracklist, and you can come jam and rock out with us, or just sit back in the audience and watch the karaoke madness!
      Please note, we do not have a drum kit setup for Rock Band/Guitar Hero. We have Guitar and Keyboard Instruments only.

  • The Whammy Bandstand Rave (or Dance)
    • Want a rave/dance at your convention/event but unsure how to go about creating one? Not sure what to play, or how to plan it, or anything like that? We can handle all aspects of rave/dance planning and execution from start to finish. Have a sound system in place already? Don’t need logistical support for your musical event and only need a DJ with a laptop and turntables? We can handle that too!
    • Please note: As part of our contract for conventions/pop culture events that request the use of our DJ for Dance/Rave parties, our DJ and/or a Company Representative reserves the right to end any performance early if any part of the musical agreement is violated, including security procedures or in the event of an emergency. Florida Whammy is not responsible to damage to any equipment or property as a direct or indirect result of the musical performance (light bulbs breaking due to bass vibrations, etc). 

Please note, FWE in it’s discretion, may charge or assess an additional fee for use of some or all musical services at a convention, namely for the use of DJ services for any musical events. Please Contact Us for more specific information, especially if you’re interested in having us arrange or perform at your musical dance or rave at your convention/event.