Florida Whammy Entertainment is pleased to provide multiple types and hours of programming!

We can provide informative topic panels, game shows, contests, interactive programming, and a lot more!

Signature Game Shows

The backbone of Florida Whammy Entertainment is our signature game shows! We strive to bring high quality, engaging game shows to our fans, and to the conventions that have us!

Specialty Entertainment & Specialty Game Shows

We have other types of entertainment that fall into this category, such as our famous “People’s Panel”. These are shows that aren’t game shows, but aren’t what we would consider as a part of our educational block either. They are just random, fun panels to stop into. Whether it’s debating your head off in “People’s Panel” or one of our many panels that talk about different games, you’ll have a lot of fun with these.

We also place some of our more difficult to present entertainment in this category as well. We have a handful of entertainment offerings that require some heavy coordination or special requirements before we can fully commit to having them at your convention. These are also included here, and more information can be obtained by clicking the link or when contacting us if interested.

Educational Shows

As a part of our Mission Statement to “make a positive difference in the perception and education of various fandoms”, we have a growing catalog of Educational Shows, which mainly focus on presentations in regards to one subject or a series of subjects in which the goal is to have audience members take away knowledge of something they previously did not know, and hopefully even cause them to want to investigate the subject even further on their own. Topics in this series are widely varied, from the History of Game Shows to the Evolution of Video Game Music, to panels on Final Fantasy, Command and Conquer, MOBAs as a Gaming Genre, League of Legends and more!

For information on our musical programming offerings, please see our Musical Entertainment page.