Florida Whammy Entertainment maintains an in-house Software Development Unit that is responsible for developing all of our game show programming engines that we use. On occasion, a project that can best be solved and helped by a software engine is thrown our way, and when possible, we gladly rise to the challenge.

Since the Software Development branch of our organization is limited in resources, it may not always be available and there may be projects that are simply too big for us to handle.

Do you have a project that your event is organizing that you think would be good with a piece of custom programmed software? Need a scoreboard, or an easy to use way of displaying people’s names on a projector?

We have created or can create a software program to help you with your needs. Not sure if you need our software development services? Contact us and tell us about what you’re doing at your event, chances are we have a software solution for something you haven’t even realized.