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The biggest things you can do to help us out and support FWE is to like us on social media!

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If you’d like to send us a monetary donation and you are an INDIVIDUAL, please feel free to donate to our paypal address. You can click the donate button below and it will take you to PayPal’s secure website. All money donated to FWE is used for new equipment, webserver and related costs, administrative costs (PO Boxes, mailing costs, office supplies, etc), marketing costs, and to offset travel costs to conventions. No member of FWE ever personally profits from any monetary donation or payment made to FWE.

If you represent a business and you’d like to donate to us monetarily, OR provide us with a sponsorship please e-mail us at prizes (at) floridawhammy.com. We’re always looking for more advertising sponsors as well. For a list of past and present sponsors, please click here.

If you are an individual who would like to donate us prizes or other items, please e-mail us at prizes (at) floridawhammy.com and we’ll be in contact with you on how best to arrange your donation.

If you represent a convention who is willing to donate badges or other promotional materials (excluding SOLELY fliers), please e-mail us at outreach (at) floridawhammy.com and we’ll be in contact with you to arrange your donation.

Florida Whammy thrives and survives based off of community and business donations from people like you! Please help keep FWE doing what it does best by making a donation to us!